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About James Payette

We have 30 years experience in comic fandom.   We have bought many of the major collections over the years and purchased them against competing bidders.

My approach to business is one of honesty and integrity first and foremost.

-Special Advisor to Overstreet Guide 1985-present
-Member AACBC 1990-present
-Member AACBC Authenticating, Certification and Grading committee for Sotheby's 1991-present
-CBG Customer Service Award Winner Many years
-Experience as a Dealer/Collector since... 1975

James Payette     Dealing & Collecting Golden/Silver Age Comics since 1975!

P.O. Box 750     Bethlehem, NH  03574

Phone:  (603) 869-2097     Fax:(603) 869- 3475    Email:jimpayette@msn.com